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    Become a friend of the Forgotten Dalmatia

    By printing monumental monographs "Forgotten Dalmatia", we introduced you to old photographs Dalmatia. While books have been traveling around the world like postcards for a decade, our posters of old Dalmatia they are increasingly adorning the walls, preserving the memories of Dalmatia of our ancestors. Our mission is to take you to common journeys through hidden and forgotten Dalmatia. Support our work by purchasing an annual voucher "Forgotten Dalmatia Club", while achieving a discount on our services and products. Get on board with us time machine, delight yourself and loved ones with the most Dalmatian books, special antiques and the most beautiful decorations for your walls.

    What is Forgotten Dalmatia?

    Forgotten Dalmatia is the name of cult monographs about Dalmatia from old postcards and photographs by Igor Goleš. This popular series has been printed in as many as 5 different editions over the last 10 years, and has been further popularized by opening the Instagram page @zaboravljena_dalmacija. On it, Igor shows his auditorium documents from the past of this region, but also shows today's forgotten Dalmatia; old abandoned villages and many other lesser-known localities. Over time, the name Forgotten Dalmatia has profiled itself precisely as a synonym for Dalmatia of the 19th and 20th centuries in the way igor Goleš presents it – in his blogs, Instagram trips or through old photos and documents.

    What can we buy in the web shop Forgotten Dalmatia?

    In the web shop you can buy the latest edition of the monograph "Greetings from forgotten Dalmatia", luxury prints with displays of Dalmatian villages and cities and life in Dalmatia, and soon calendars, T-shirts and antique items will be available. Also, you can buy vouchers for the realization of special benefits. Contact us to ask for advice on organizing your trip through Dalmatia or even join us on one of our excursions in Dalmatia.

    Why are the products of Forgotten Dalmatia special?

    The products of Forgotten Dalmatia are of high quality workmanship. The most popular of them, the monograph "Greetings from Forgotten Dalmatia", is often used as a gift to many dignitaries who visit Dalmatia and Croatia; ministers, ambassadors, prime ministers and even presidents. He is especially loved as a gift by the youngest generations of our emigrants as a memorial to his native homeland. Superb prints adorn the walls of many luxury hotels, villas and residences along the Adriatic coast, presenting living witnesses of the Mediterranean as it once was.

    Do you send your products abroad as well?

    We ship our products throughout Europe, North and South America and Australia. If you are buying gift items and it is important to you that they are delivered on time, we recommend you urgent delivery or delivery through DHL. This is especially important for shopping periods during November and December when postal traffic is significantly increased in all destinations.

    Can we request a refund in case we are not satisfied with the products?

    Refunds are possible within 3 days after receiving the product, provided that the product is delivered with error or damaged during transport to your home.

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